Idiotic response to call for Federal wage freeze

The president of the National Treasury Employees Union,  Colleen Kelley, and one of her responses. ” she was not given advance notice that the administration was considering the freeze.”

Who does she think she is? The union, and all of its minions work for the administration. They work for them as private sector employees work for the CEOs of private companies.

Since when do employees get consulted on financial matters of a company? There is a reason some people are executives and some are not. Those that are capable of making the decisions for the good of the company , or in this case the Deficit make these decisions for a reason. And the reason is not so Joe Employee on the line can buy his new boat this year.

Once again I  say to all of the union crybabies. Get an education, improve yourself. Stop thinking that you are owed something. You get paid for your labor, not your opinion. If you want input, move up the ladder. Until there just realize that you are uneducated bodies that can be replaced.

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