NBA Players union

Average salary in the NBA is $5,000,000 per year. The average player has 4.5 year career. That comes out to $22,500,00 earned in their career. The average worker in this country earns about $2,400,00 in their 40 year career. So basketball players earn 10 times career salary in about 1/10 of the time. Someone needs to tell those babies to grow up.  I know some players will earn less, but some earn much more. They need to all grow up, they have been pampered babies their whole lives. Now the union says that they are fighting for future players,  they can not agree to the owners terms because future players would not make enough money. And then Bryant “Dumbell” Gumbel compares the Owners to plantation owners. Bryant, and union members you need to walk the streets of towns and cities in this country to see what the real world is like. To see that most people live on less than some of these idiots spend on jewelry in a year.

I have no problem with someone earning as much as they can. But when people making millions cry poverty I draw the line.

To the players: You work for the owners, they are in charge, they pay your salary. If they choose to pay less, either take it or find a better job. Oh I forgot, like most other union members NBA players are uneducated and have no skills.


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